About Wrapping

About the standard wrapping.
We ship our jewelry in the packaging shown in the first picture.

We hope you will use the zipper bag to store your jewelry as it will prevent discoloration.
Gift box packaging (optional)

If you wish to have your jewelry packaged in a gift box, we can provide you with an original gift box as shown in the photo below as a paid option. If you would like to have the product gift-wrapped, we will send it in an original gift box as shown in the picture below as a paid option.
For those who choose the gift-wrapping option (charged), we will include an original illustration card and a handbag in which you can write a message.
Ribbon colors vary depending on the season.
If you wish, we can also print your gift message on the back of the card at . (If you would like to add a message, please write it in the "Add an order note" field on the cart screen at )
If you would like to order multiple boxes, such as 1 box for each product → Please order the number of boxes you would like from this page.
If you wish to combine small items into one box, please select the boxes you wish to order on the cart screen.
(Up to 2 items can be combined).
If 3 or more items do not fit in the box, we may have to use a non-box gift wrapping method. Please understand that we may not be able to provide gift wrapping for more than 3 items that do not fit in the box.
Christmas gift wrapping is also available for a limited time.

Please make any requests regarding the method of gift wrapping in the "Add Order Notes" field on the cart screen.