FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, we do. We accept gift wrapping.

Please select the gift wrapping option on the purchase page.

For details, please click Click here for more information about gift wrapping.

Q2. How much is the shipping cost?

YU-PACKET: Nationwide flat rate 360 yen (postage and tracking available). (Postage and tracking are available.) Orders over 7,000 yen will receive free Yupacket shipping.

If you prefer, you can also choose Yu-Pack. (Shipping fee by region)

Q3. What payment methods are available?

Credit card Credit card (Visa/Master/Amex/JCB) Visa/Master/Amex/JCB PayPal / PayPal / Google Pay / Shop Pay / Apple Pay / PayPal)
Shop Pay / Apple Pay / Google Pay / PayPal

Convenience store payment (FamilyMart / Lawson / Ministop / Daily Yamazaki / Seicomart)

Bank transfer

Smartphone payment (LINE Pay / Melpay / PayPay )

Paidy Next month payment

Paidy (payment in the following month)

Q4. Can I pay in cash?

You can pay in advance by

Convenience store payment (FamilyMart/Lawson/Ministop/Daily Yamazaki/Seicomart) Daily Yamazaki/Ministop/Seicomart)

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is available.

After clicking "Order Complete," you will be redirected to the KOMOJU payment service.
Please confirm the amount to be paid and enter your payment information, then complete the "Purchase Procedure".

Payment is due within 3 days from the day after the order date.
We will make arrangements to ship your order in the order in which we receive confirmation of payment.

Please note that after the deadline, your order will become invalid and will be automatically cancelled.

For deferred payment

Paidy (Paidy) Next month payment

is available for deferred payment.

Paidy (Paidy is a service that allows you to easily make a payment by simply using your e-mail address and cell phone number, without the hassle of pre-registration.

You can make a lump-sum payment at your local convenience store or bank the following month, so even first-time Internet shoppers can use this service with peace of mind.

Q5. When do you ship?

After receiving an order, we usually ship within 7 days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). 7 We usually ship within 7 business days after we receive your order.

For items sold on order, we manufacture and ship after receiving your order, so please allow about 40 days for delivery. Please allow about 40 days for delivery.

If you order a regular delivery item and a made-to-order item together, the regular delivery item will be shipped at the same time as the made-to-order item is completed. Please understand that we are unable to send items with regular delivery dates in the same order ahead of time.

If you would like us to ship only the normal delivery items first, please place your order separately.

Please understand that we are a one-person operation from production to shipping, and we do our best to prevent shipping errors.

We will do our best to avoid shipping errors.

We will ship your order as soon as possible within the delivery date that we have informed you, so please look forward to receiving your order.

Q6. How long does it take to receive the product?

Usually, it takes about 2 to 3 days from the time of shipment. 2 ~to 3 days from the time of shipment. (Exceptions are made for certain areas, bad weather, and delivery route conditions.

(Exceptions may be made in some areas or due to inclement weather or delivery route conditions.)

Q7. Is there any way to save money?

If you sign up for our newsletter, you will receive 10% OFF coupon for immediate use.

Receive the Store News at the bottom of the page. 10% OFF coupon! ♡♡→ Enter your email address to

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Enjoy shopping from the email you received ♡♡♡

Q8. Can I return my order?

Please note that we do not accept returns for personal reasons.
If the product you received is defective or different from the product you ordered, we will exchange it for an identical good product.
After delivery Within 7 within 7 days after delivery ( including the date of delivery ) within 7 days (including the day of delivery) CONTACT or chat.

Q9. Can I order different materials?

The items that are manufactured from prototypes, such as ear cuffs, can be ordered in different materials, such as Silver925. K18 We will be happy to prepare a quotation for you.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Q10. Can you repair it?

HAPPY CAKE JEWELS After receiving the product, we will repair it within 7 days after the product arrives. If the product is damaged within 7 days of receipt, it will be replaced free of charge as an initial defect.

For discoloration, damage, etc., which occurred while you use the product for a long time, we will repair (for a fee), such as refinishing and plating as much as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us once.

In addition, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by chat ^^.