Regarding Costume Rental

At our store, we offer costume rental and support services for media production professionals and stylists. We have been repeatedly utilized by drama production departments and fashion magazine stylists, and our track record in the media is growing.

When considering rental, please check the following information and feel free to contact us.

Rental Period

Since our products are one-of-a-kind, the maximum rental period is 1 week. The product will be shipped to arrive on the first day of the rental period.

  • Please arrange for the return shipping to be prepaid.
  • If the return is received after the final day of the rental period, an extension fee will be charged.

Rental Fees

  1. By providing credit or tagging us on Instagram, the rental fee is waived.
  2. After the broadcast or release date, we may publish the rental details on our website as a "rental record."
  • With credit: Free
  • Without credit: 20% of the product’s retail price

In both cases, we ask that you bear the round-trip shipping costs.

[Rental Period Extension]

Regardless of credit, an extension fee will be charged. Please contact us regarding extensions.

  • Without notice: 50% of the retail price per day
  • With notice: 20% of the retail price per day

[If the rented product is not used]

  • With credit: If at least one item is credited, all items are free of charge.
  • Without credit: A rental fee (20% of the product’s retail price) will be charged for unused items.

Receipt (Invoice registration number included)

  • Product Price: Receipts for rental fees are issued only upon customer request.
  • If desired, please provide the recipient name and description to be included on the receipt. The receipt will be included in the shipment.
  • Please note that we do not issue blank receipts.


  • Please provide the "media outlet", "desired items", and "broadcast date" in advance.
  • We will publish the costume cooperation details with text and images on our website and SNS.
  • For rentals with credit, please provide advertising copy, image data, distribution materials, and confirmable credit images before the OA or release date.
  • If any new stains, scratches, damages, or losses occur during the rental period, you will be required to purchase the product.
  • This service is exclusively for commercial use. We do not rent for private use or to individuals.
  • In cases of false application, failure to comply with the guidelines, poor return condition, or lack of standard business practices, you will be required to purchase the product, and we may refuse future transactions.

Contact Information